Yearning for simplicity

Happy simple holidays, folks!


Weekend reading: Sincronizarea Timpului cu Pretul

Chiar daca a fost aplicat pentru prima data de Dr Alan H Andrews anii 1960, acest instrument grafic nu a fost dezvoltat de-a lungul timpului pentru a atinge potentialul sau maxim. In ultimii douazeci de ani a fost utilizat cu succes in diferite tehnici de tranzactionare. Personal mi-am dedicat ultimii douazeci de ani dezvoltarii a ceea ce am denumit “Analiza Pitchfork” care a fost imbunatatita continuu ajungand in final la rangul de “Analiza Pitchfork Integrata”, o serie de trei volume de tranzactionare continand 1200 de pagini si 1500 de grafice...

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I killed a book last night...

... to save a forest in the future.


L'âne présidentielle

Everyone has the right to be a jackass, but the French midget abused the privilege...


Men at work...

Not really. Just testing my financial knowledge...



To be (or not to be) ...

... treated with courtesy and respect by your elected government.


The big picture: Pump and Dump

Pump and Dump: a scheme that attempts to boost the price of a stock  through recommendations based on misleading or greatly exaggerated   statements. The perpetrators of this scheme, who already have an established position in the company's stock, sell their positions after the hype has led to a higher share price. This practice is illegal based on securities law and can lead to heavy fines (my comment: in a civilized country).

BET-FI, of course... (chart to be posted soon).


To my students: "Life is a game of inches..."

So, how many inches are you willing to go today, lazy bums?


So much for the Greek determination...

It turned out that Baldy didn't have the balls to stick to his guns...
A jellyfish has more spine then you, Mr PM.


The plot thickens...

This summer's blockbuster (see the 28th Sept post) has a twist:

The Greek PM has grown balls (Stick to your guns, Baldy!), the bankers got the runaround (You've bet on the wrong horse, greedy bastards!) and as usual the most ridiculous comments are coming from France (Boo-fucking-hoo Sarkozy et Co.).


Lao Shi

Physics teacher by original intention, English teacher by final decision.


Ready to face the Russian winter

They say -25°C is the norm during the winter months...


Waking up at sunset

                                                  Courtesy of Meleah Paull


Harry Fucking Potter

Why choose between your portfolio and a (major) downtrend when you can enjoy both of them?!

Anyway, selling is sooooo uncool...


The Wall Street Motion Picture proudly presents:

this summer's blockbuster

How to bury a country
(and make shitloads of money in the process)

Starring: a bunch of greedy Wall Street fat cats, a lot of corrupt politicians

Extras: Giorgios, Yannis, Eleni, Kostas, Katerina... (about 11 million of them)

Filmed on location in Europe using the latest technology: CMOs (collateralized mortgage obligations), Mortgage backed Securities, Butterfly Spreads, Swaption, COPS (covered option securities).

Coming soon to an European country near you!





The wind beneath my wings...

... was a Pratt & Whitney PW1000G engine. Hats off to the manufacturer.


Bearing N23ºE...

... heading north to start a new career.


Keeping an open mind

"There is no such thing as the future. There are futures. Philosophically, there is only one past which happened but what lies ahead of us really can’t be predicted. There are multiple futures..." 

Niall Ferguson - Professor of History at Harvard University


The end of an era

When Atlantis touched down on July 21 at Cape Canaveral, Florida, the high-flying era of the space shuttles came to an end after 30 years. Over the course of the program, the five NASA shuttles - Atlantis, Challenger, Columbia, Discovery and Endeavour - have flown 135 missions.

The Obama administration has cancelled the planned next-generation program of spacecraft and rockets on cost grounds... I guess the fucking idiots are too busy pumping money in the so-called “too big to fail” financial institutions.


Weekend reading: Dezastre naturale II - Dr Mircea Dologa

Sezonul 2010/2011 este unul dintre cele mai bune in ceea ce priveste recolta de bumbac !
Fermierii au plantat aproximativ 650.000 hectare cu bumbac in perioada octombrie – septembrie 2011, in principal datorita abundentei surselor de apa dupa o primavara ploioasa. Pretul pietei deja ridicat in comparatie cu anul 2009 a incurajat fermierii sa creasca in mod dramatic suprafata cultivata... Preturile de pe piata erau la acel moment la cel mai inalt nivel de la Razboiul Civil din Statele Unite din anii 1860.
Revenind la prezent ... Ce se intampla cu recolta din luna aprilie 2011 ? Care va fi influenta inundatiilor serioase din Queensland asupra recoltei de bumbac ? Ce se va intampla cu valoarea exportului de produse agricole? Putem spune ca ele o sa fie consistente la sfarsitul sezonului ?  
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Bite-size science: The emptiness within ...

The dimensions within an atom are difficult to visualize using drawings or visual techniques due to the great differences in size and distance of the various parts. Most of us have seen representations of atoms showing the nucleus in the center and the electrons depicted around the outside in some manner. If we put this scale into perspective by using powers of ten, we would find that the nucleus of an atom would be 10,000 times as large as an electron. But the distance of the electrons from the nucleus would make the size of the atom approximately 10,000 times the size of the nucleus. 

To get some idea of this comparison, imagine a pea placed in the center of a large football stadium. If the pea represents the nucleus of an atom, the closest electrons in the atom would be spinning around the outside of the stadium's walls. With that in mind it becomes clear that 99.999999999% of the volume of an atom is just empty space! If we were to get rid of all this empty space within the atoms that we are made of, squeezing electrons and nuclei close together, the entire human population would fit into a volume the size of a sugar cube. 

If you find this fact unworldly and difficult to digest you'll be surprised to learn that the universe is scattered with stars which have such unimaginable densities. These are called neutron stars and are the result of the gravitational collapse of a massive star during a supernova event. The neutron star's density varies from below 1×109 kg/cbm in the crust, increasing with depth to above 6×1017 or 8×1017 kg/cbm deeper inside. This density is approximately equivalent to the mass of the entire human population compressed to (surprise!) a volume the size of a sugar cube.


Bite-size science: A mere trifle...

When the creator of the game of Chess showed his invention to the ruler of the country, the ruler was so pleased that he gave the inventor the right to name his prize for the invention. The man asked the king a grain of rice for the first square of the chess board, two grains for the second square, four grains for the third square and so forth, doubling the amount of grains for each square. 

The ruler, arithmetically unaware, quickly accepted the inventor's offer, even getting offended by his perceived notion that the inventor was asking for such a mere trifle, and ordered the treasurer to count and hand over the rice to the inventor. However, when the treasurer took more than a week to calculate the amount of rice, the ruler asked him the reason for his tardiness. The treasurer then gave him the result of the calculation, and explained that it would be impossible to give the inventor his reward. 

The reason for this situation, known in Mathematics as exponential sequence, is that the total number of grains on the chessboard would be:
1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + ... = 264 − 1 = 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 = 18 x 1018

which would be a heap of rice larger than Mount Everest weighing more than 461 billion tons.

A mere trifle...


My current mantra

... and a bit of history for those who want to understand:


Weekend reading: Tranzactionarea Metalelor Pretioase - Dr Mircea Dologa

In urma intrebarilor puse de catre cursantii nostri, am decis sa comparam mai jos, situatia Argintului in cazul tranzactionarilor pe piata la termen (Futures) !

In primul rand vreau sa va spun ca durata de viata (functionare) a unui trader este in functie de tipul de atitudine pentru care el/ea o opteaza, oricare ar fi instrumentul tranzactionat… Aici regasim 2 tipuri de traderi : agresivi sau conservatori...

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Weekend reading: Dezastre naturale - poate Analiza Tehnica ajuta agricultorii?

Din punct de vedere FUNDAMENTAL, la prima vedere putem avea impresia ca ne vom confrunta cu o penurie de bumbac – o oferta asa de redusa incat va face pretul sa explodeze. Dar inainte de a adopta acest punct de vedere sa elucidam doua probleme... Cat de serioasa va fi contractia ofertei pe piata mondiala a bumbacului? Si cat de important va fi impactul inundatilor din Australia asupra pretului de pe piata bumbacului?

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The big picture: IFR positive divergence

Confirmarea divergentei pozitive (care are rol de semnalizare la acest moment) va fi data de strapungerea liniei de trend descendent definita de punctele A, B si C. Pana atunci, rabdare...


The big picture: FP symmetrical triangle

Rabdare pana la penetrarea decisiva (Close) a laturii descendente AC pe volum in crestere, si nu neglijati Stop Loss-ul (D).


The big picture: Chance favours the prepared mind (Luis Pasteur)

In cazul in care ati ratat intrarea pe SIF2 (probabil din cauza lipsei unei strategii clare):

18 feb: L4 qualifier (trend descendent, Close > HiLo)
23 feb: intrare L4 (Close > L4 qualifier + strapungere linie de trend descendent)
           cu Stop Loss = Previous Valley
28 feb: intrare L2 intraday (depasire Peak anterior) cu Stop Loss = 1,265
09 mar: profit L4 +16%, profit L2 +10%, Trailing Stops: PP1 = HiLo, PP2 = Fib 38.2%

Chance favours the prepared mind...



English Breakfast tea brewed by Starbucks and served in Sofia.


Quote of the day

"Democracy is like virginity.
  You can't have just a limited amount of it."

 Kevin Connolly (BBC World Service) reporting from Cairo


The big picture: BET-FI - the worst case scenario

Penetrarea nivelului corespunzator retragerii Fibonacci 61,8% (22.100) va confirma acest scenariu negativ.
Scenariul alternativ consta in consolidare intre retragerile Fibonacci 61,8% (22.100) si 38,2% (23.150)


The big picture: Is that a negative divergence on BET-FI?!

Pana la nivelul ~23.550 situatia este sub control; below 23.500 cash in your chips and stay out.


The big picture: Chance favours the prepared mind (Luis Pasteur)

Canal de consolidare 21.10.2010 - 25.11.2010... Cumparare in 25.11.2010 (stapungerea rezistentei on a closing basis) cu Stop Loss sub suport... swing ascendent pana la nivelul extensiei de grad 7 a canalului initial... Vanzare la inchiderea zilei de 13.01.2011 (Close < HiLo)... Profit ~ 17% , Reward/Risk = 5,16.

Chance favours the prepared mind...