Weekend reading: ERSTE Bank

"In urma unei discutii avute cu un coleg trader de la un SIF din tara, am ajuns la concluzia ca ar trebui sa fie instilate treptat, unele elemente ale analizei tehnice moderne, care sunt preponderente, in comparatie cu elementele analizei tehnice clasice si mai ales cu cele apartinand analizei fundamentale. Unii cititori ar putea sa se intrebe... De ce?"

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Sad news: The world is getting dumber

According to newspapers, even the UN Secretary General 'rose to the occasion' to display his dumbness. Point proven, old timer!


Tidiness is a virtue

My kind of place...


New addiction

Chocolate-covered coffee beans... Bliss!



Tales from the classroom

'Darth Vader is a galactic hooligan!'

Maxim Zaborovskiy
Russian student  





Visual dictionary: offshoot


1 a thing that develops from something, especially a small organization that develops from a larger one 
2 (technical) a new stem that grows on a plant


..and then there was the IPO

'Connect with Cheat friends faster, wherever you are.'



A motorist with an attitude

"In recent years, Russia has frequently been described in the media as an energy superpower. The country has the world's largest natural gas reserves, the 8th largest oil reserves, and the second largest coal reserves. Russia is the world's leading natural gas exporter and second largest natural gas producer, while also the largest oil exporter and the largest oil producer."

(source: Wikipedia)

That explains it!


RIP Jim Marshall

The man who gave a (loud) voice to the electric guitar.


Celestial entertainment: Jupiter and Venus

After the moon, they are the two brightest objects in the night sky, and for the next few evenings they will appear side-by-side in western skies in a dazzling heavenly spectacle.
Though Jupiter is seven times farther from Earth than Venus, the planets' orbits bring them into close approach on Tuesday evening, when they will appear only three degrees, or a few finger-widths, apart.
From Tuesday (13th March) the planets will gradually move apart, but remain within five degrees of one another until Saturday, after which their next heavenly meeting in fully dark skies will be on June 2015. Venus, the second rock from the sun, appears by far the brighter of the two, because it receives and reflects more intense sunlight than reaches Jupiter, the fifth planet out, beyond the orbit of Mars.

 source: www.guardian.co.uk


Living up to its name: the Black Sea

courtesy of Senpai MD


The crazy world we live in

Source: Greece austerity bill

Let's do the math:

Defence Cuts:    200m + 333m + 333m + 333m = 1.199 billion Euro
Health Cuts   :    310m + 1.810b = 2.120 billion Euro
"Politics by the people, for the people"


2012: off to a bad start

Baltic Dry Index

Lower freight rates = lower demand for commodities.
Lower demand for commodities = lower levels of economic activity.
Lower levels of economic activity = lower income (and that's enough to make us all unhappy!)


Giving "credit" where "credit" is due

                                               Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Hats off to the British for performing this "Sircumcision"!
Will the other civilized countries follow suit?


Tales from the classroom

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

combined with

TEMOS (Teaching English to Members of Other Species)

Following in Pavlov's footsteps...


Tales from the classroom

They're giving a new meaning to "working in pairs".


Beavis and Butthead

Two heads of state attending the funeral of a former head of state...
No, let me rephrase it: two idiots.


Happy feet

Happy birthday, kiddo!