Living up to its name: the Black Sea

courtesy of Senpai MD


The crazy world we live in

Source: Greece austerity bill

Let's do the math:

Defence Cuts:    200m + 333m + 333m + 333m = 1.199 billion Euro
Health Cuts   :    310m + 1.810b = 2.120 billion Euro
"Politics by the people, for the people"


2012: off to a bad start

Baltic Dry Index

Lower freight rates = lower demand for commodities.
Lower demand for commodities = lower levels of economic activity.
Lower levels of economic activity = lower income (and that's enough to make us all unhappy!)


Giving "credit" where "credit" is due

                                               Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Hats off to the British for performing this "Sircumcision"!
Will the other civilized countries follow suit?